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Adding Another Title

Dad, Father, Husband, Project Manager, Problem Solver, and now Blogger. I'm not sure I'm qualified to be a blogger, but I figure it is worth a try. I've been wanting to create a "Dad Blog" for a long time, but have so many interests that it was hard to figure out a title or a specific theme. Then I came across the Diamond Dogs. Sure it isn't original, but it captures what I want my site/blog/forum to be... a place where guys, dads, and any other title we get assigned can come together to share stories, have a laugh and take away some helpful tips/information. Will it be focused, no, no it will not. But who cares. Will it be perfect, definitely not. Again, who cares.

Anyways, welcome, and thank you for visiting. I hope to get some more posts up soon and continue to build out the site. If you have any ideas or questions please let me know, I want this to be a safe and helpful space.


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