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Cosmic Camp - NYC

Cosmic Camp sounds pretty awesome… and it was! If you are looking for an activity for the day, this is an excellent option. Tickets can be purchased online for a specific date and time (I got mine the day before) and check-in was smooth using the QR code from my email.

Definitely leave additional time for parking, I gave myself 45 minutes to find street parking and needed all of it. There are lots of parking lots and garages in the area if you don’t want to wait, but with and SUV rates were pretty steep.

But, once you enter the store and check in, you quickly forget the parking stress and are transported into an immersive cosmic experience.

It is a bit of a free for all, but that was actually great because the kids could explore whatever they wanted and move to “exhibits” that weren’t busy (in general it wasn‘t busy due to the scheduled entry times). There are definitely plenty of things to do and the kids (mine were 5 and 7) really enjoyed exploring the space (get it, space…sorry).

There was also an interactive game show with a live host that seemed to start every 15 minutes or so. It was fun for the kids and the Camp hosts were great at interacting with the kids.

All in all it was a great experience, which we probably spent 2 hours exploring and playing.

After finishing up at Cosmic Camp, we made our way out through the gift shop (which is also awesome) and went next door to Dekalb Market Hall, a massive food hall with tons of different food vendors. Maybe too many vendors. It was hard with the kids to decide, so I definitely recommend checking out the options and creating a plan ahead of time.

Hope this helps in planning a fun adventure of your own.


The Diamond Dogs

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